Neshaminy State Park to hold drawing for archery deer hunt slots

Deer photo (1)

Matt Schickling / Wire photo

Once again this year, archers will be allowed to hunt in Neshaminy State Park when Pennsylvania’s statewide archery deer season opens on the first day of October.

A total of 60 permits will be issued through a random drawing of all eligible applicants. The winners will be assigned a week of the season when they are permitted to hunt in the park. Neshaminy State Park officials have allowed archery hunting every year since at least 2003.

No more than five people will be hunting there at a time, Neshaminy State Park Ranger Brian Heath said. There are also safety zones in the park where hunting is not allowed, which includes most of the picnic, sitting and paved areas. Hunting is mostly contained to the wooded areas of the park. Maps of the safety zones are available in the park office, and there is no hunting permitted on Sundays.

“The purpose of the hunt is to better manage the population of the white tailed deer herd in the park to a level that the environment can sustain,” Heath added. “Overpopulation of deer has a negative impact on healthy forest regeneration, and, in our region, can also lead to negative human-deer interactions.”

To participate, hunters must register at the Neshaminy State Park Office before Sept. 12. Applicants must bring their Pennsylvania hunting licenses, archery licenses, proof of identification and vehicle registration.

The drawing will be held on Sept. 15 at Pavilion 1 in the park. Selected hunters will be required to attend a safety meeting before the hunt, where rules and regulations will be reviewed and permits will be distributed.

Archers may take antlered deer as well as antlerless deer if they have a valid antlerless deer license. The season goes from Oct. 1 to Nov. 12, then resumes from Dec. 26 to Jan. 14

For more details on the hunt, or information on Neshaminy State Park, call 215.639.4538, or visit the park office at 3401 State Road in Bensalem.

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