Student and professional art on display side-by-side in Bristol Borough

This month, you can get a “snapshot” of what local artists of all ages are up to at the Grundy Library.

As part of the national Youth Art Month programming, the Bristol Borough library is holding its annual exhibit featuring works from local students alongside pieces contributed by the Artists of Bristol on the Delaware Group.

Jack Firneno / Wire photo

 About 240 pieces, more than 160 of them by students, are displayed throughout the library.

For the opening last Friday, students and Artists of Bristol members were slated to discuss their pieces.

“We were thinking of ways to encourage a flow between the students and professionals,”  said Library Administrator Dana Barber.

Throughout the exhibit’s 15-year history, the library has spotlighted students from as young as nursery school. This is the second year in a row they’re displaying works from Harry S. Truman High School students alongside professional works. Pieces range from paintings and sculptures to collaborative efforts like a floor-to-ceiling dream catcher where each strand was contributed by a different student.

The pieces fill the conference rooms, but are also hanging and positioned on shelves and counters throughout the building. “The entire library comes alive,” said Barber. “It’s inviting, people who come in that don’t know about the exhibit get to see what others are doing.”

New this year are photographs from the 21st Century Community Learning Center Photography Club. Based in Bristol Borough, the entries are from borough high school students. They’re displayed near a window overlooking the Delaware River, where the sun shines through the ones hanging up to give them an enhanced, almost translucent appearance.

“We were really impressed with the pieces we got, and very happy with the way [the display] looks,” said Barber.

The Youth Art Month exhibit is at the Grundy Library, 680 Radcliffe St. in Bristol, through March 31. For information, visit

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