WirePOLITICS: Brian Fitzpatrick named an “On the Radar” candidate

Tom Waringthe Wire

The National Republican Congressional Committee has named Brian Fitzpatrick one of its “On the Radar” candidates.

This program provides candidates the tools they need to run successful campaigns against their Democratic opponents.

Fitzpatrick, a retired FBI agent, faces former Bucks County Commissioner Andy Warren and psychologist Marc Duome in the 8th Congressional District primary on April 26. Attorney Dean Malik failed to collect the required 1,000 signatures by the Feb. 16 deadline.

Democratic candidates are state Rep. Steve Santarsiero and Shaughnessy Naughton, a scientist and owner of a family publishing business.

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, Brian’s older brother, is not seeking another term.

Ten other candidates joined Brian Fitzpatrick in being named to On the Radar.

“The American people have seen the calamity wrought by Barack Obama’s liberal policies and know we must elect strong Republican leaders to Congress who will move our country in the right direction,” said NRCC chairman Greg Walden, an Oregon congressman. “These 11 candidates have demonstrated they have the skills and experience needed to help strengthen our country and right the wrongs of the Obama administration. I am confident these candidates will work hard and run tough and effective campaigns in 2016.”

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